​BOS - Land Acquisition

GPC has purchased land of high value ecological significance in Keppel Sands as part of our Biodiversity Offset Strategy​ (BOS)'s requirement to reduce the potential for coastal impacts, such as commercial development, in areas of high ecological value.

We have worked closely with the Queensland Government's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing (NPSR) to identify appropriate sites and subsequently purchased Lot 3 LN1662 at Keppel Sands in June 2016.

This parcel was identified as high value ecological land as it is a tidal wetland and borders onto both the Keppel Sands Conservation Park and the Cawarral Creek declared Fish Habitat Area (FHA).

By securing this parcel of land, we are ensuring the link between the Cawarral Creek declared FHA and Keppel Sands Conservation Park is preserved by restricting access to this sensitive ecosystem.

GPC will undertake some minor on-ground works before transferring ownership of the land to the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing who intend to expand their existing Keppel Sands Conservation Park. Future plans include NPSR investigating the potential to extend the Cawarral Creek declared FHA over tidal lands within this lot.

​More information

For information about the BOS Land Acquisition Project please email or phone ​our Corporate and Community Relations Team on 1800 243 GPC.