​​The Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) is a nationally recognised identity card which identifies the holder as a person who has met the necessary background requirements to work in a maritime security zone. ​​It shows that the holder has met the minimum security requirements to work unescorted or unmonitored in a maritime security zone and is not considered a threat to maritime security. 


  • Due to legislation changes effective 1 August 2017, all applicants are required to present original identity documents in-person to a representative of GPC's MSIC Issuing Body. 
  • GPC's MSIC Office wishes to advise that payments for MSIC applications can now be processed online, using PayWay


More Information​

Appointments available Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 2:30pm. For information or assistance regarding the MSIC application process please email or phone the GPC's Security, Induction and  M​SIC Office on 07 4976 1270. ​​​