Marina Maintenance Dredging Program

​Why we need to dredge

Dredging is a vital part of operating a port as it is needed to maintain the depth in channels, berths and harbours to allow ships efficient and safe passage.  Maintenance dredging involves the removal of sediments naturally transported by waves or currents, into deeper channels or berths.  In most Queensland ports, maintenance dredging is needed in certain areas each year. 

Maintenance dredging is undertaken in the Marina every five (5), during that period, a significant build-up of sediment occurrs, reducing the Marina depth. This change in depth restricts vessel movement and compromises the safe exit and entry into the Marina.  

Regulations for dredging

A Maintenance Dredging Permit has been issued by the State and Commonwealth Government for this program, and contains a number of conditions to ensure the activity is undertaken within appropriate policy and regulations.

Dredging and disposal​

A Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) is commissioned to undertake the dredging work.  This type of dredger uses a rotating cutter head to loosen the material.  A suction tube is connected from the dredger to the disposal area, and operates similarly to a vacuum.

Program timing

The Marina maintenance dredging program occurs every 5 years with the last campaign held from June to October 2015.

The next Marina Dredging campaign is not scheduled until 2020.