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​GPC Board secures plans for future East Shores development

27 June 2017

GPC's Board has secured plans for the future development of the East Shores precinct, ensuring the future stages can be delivered for the Gladstone region.

The Board, at its meeting in May, approved the commencement of master planning for the remaining stages of East Shores, from O'Connell Wharf to the west side of Welby Creek.

The planning phase will facilitate the development of the remaining sections which will include hotel accommodation, unit complexes and public foreshore walkways and amenities and will be developed over the next 10 to 15 years.

GPC Chairman, Leo Zussino, was at the forefront of the master planning behind the first stages of the multi-award winning East Shores precinct, and was excited to see the commitment from the Board to ensure the future of the remaining stages.

"It is important that we undertake detailed planning now to ensure future development is in symmetry with the first stages of East Shores," Mr Zussino said.

"In ten years' time, we can be sure that through the delivery of the East Shores master plan, Gladstone will have a premier foreshore in which to live, recreate and enjoy harbour activities."

It is expected that the planning process will commence within the next month and will be finalised in the next three to four years.

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