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​Health of our waterways showcased to Nation

​29 September 2017

The Nation got front row tickets to a SeaWorld worthy Dolphin show in last week’s Sunrise weather broadcast from East Shores​, sending a message that the Gladstone Harbour is in good health.

The Dolphins, one of Gladstone’s Big 6​, performed for the crowd that turned out for the television show for over two hours.

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) CEO, Peter O’Sullivan said that the performance was a good indicator of the current health of the harbour.

“Earlier this year the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership’s 2016 report card delivered positive results for the health of the harbour,” he said.

“The evidence of Dolphins, Whales, Dugong and Turtles in our waterways, together with positive catch reports from recreational fishers, show that industry can operate while still achieving positive environmental outcomes.

“As proud custodians of the Gladstone Harbour GPC facilitates a million dollar environmental monitoring and research program to ensure the successful coexistence of the environment and industry.”

The most recently available fish data indicates that many species are thriving.

“Of particular mention is Prawn data. Prawns, also belonging to Gladstone’s Big 6 have exceeded the 2016 catch data simply between January and May this year,” he said.

“In 2016 45.33t of Prawns were caught however the 2017 data, currently only available until May, is 61.48t.

“When interpreting the data we need to consider environmental factors as well as the fishing effort, the number of days fished and the number of licences that fished. But generally things are looking good.”


​Month​All species (t)​Barramundi​Mud crabs​Prawns
​May 2017​42.06 (27.75)​5.71 (n/a)​8.96 (12.30)​23.29 (6.61)

Please note this is the most recent available data as there is a minimum three month delay in reporting of the data. In general, the tonnage for each month was variable when compared with same time in the previous year, shown in brackets. There is no data for some months, marked as N/A as the data was attributed to less than five licences and considered confidential.​

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