Strategy and Planning

We are entering into a phenomenal period of industrial development and expansion, which will see us strengthen our position as one of Australia’s leading ports.

It is critical that our Ports are developed in a systematic and sustainable manner to facilitate the continued growth of trade. Planning is a vital part of that process. 

Master plan for priority Port of Gladstone

The Queensland Government is preparing a master plan for the priority Port of Gladstone in accordance with the Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015. Public consultation on the draft master plan was conducted from late August 2017 to early October 2017. 

View the draft master plan and supporting documentation and information on the Queensland Government's priority port master planning program.​

​50 Y​ear Strategic Plan

The Gladstone Ports Corporation 50 Year Strategic Plan 2012 Update has been prepared to support our mission to responsibly manage, develop and operate port facilities and services for the sustainable economic growth and social prosperity of our region, Queensland and Australia.

The first 50 year plan for the Port of Gladstone was published in 1992. The plan has been subjected to regular reviews and updates with the last plan published in 2008. This 2012 update details the ultimate plan for the Western Basin, which will become the epicentre of port activity.

View the June 2012 50 Year Strategic Plan

Land Use Plans

The Gladstone Ports Corporation Land Use Plan 2012 applies to Strategic Port Land and was prepared in accordance with the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 (TIA).  The Land Use Plan applies to two separate ports operated by GPC.  The Land Use Plan regulates development within the separate Ports of Gladstone and Port Alma (Port of Rockhampton). 

Master planning processes, led by the Queensland government, are currently being undertaken for the Port of Gladstone in response to the Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan released by the Australian government in March 2015. 

The proposed boundary of the Gladstone port master planning area does not include Port Alma or the Fitzroy Delta, including North Curtis Island and Keppel Bay which are clearly outside the Gladstone port area.  Port master planning will provide for the long-term sustainable development of the Port of Gladstone.

Under the TIA, the Land Use Plan is required to be reviewed and remade every eight years.  Any review of the Land Use Plan will need to take into consideration the outcomes of Gladstone port master planning.

While port master planning for Gladstone will not apply to Port Alma, the Land Use Plan will continue to be used by GPC to regulate development within existing Strategic Port Land at Port Alma.  ​

​Statement of Corporate Intent​

The Statement of Corporate Intent outlines the strategies that will be implemented during the year as part of our broader five year Corporate Plan.

Download our Statement of Corporate Intent 2016-17​​​​