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Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow

Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow Secondary School Bursary

The Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow Bursary is a secondary school bursary program for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander students in the Gladstone and Bundaberg region.

The bursary program provides financial assistance to successfully selected Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Australian South Sea Islander students in recognition of their efforts at school, as well as encouraging them to continue with their schooling. GPC is proud to commit to the Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow Bursary Program, as part of its Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2018.

The bursary will be awarded annually in Term 4 to one Junior (in Year 7, 8 or 9) and one Senior (in Year 10 or 11) Aboriginal, Torres Strait or Australian South Sea Islander secondary student, as nominated by their school, who consistently demonstrates a positive commitment to their schooling from each of the local secondary schools in the Gladstone and Bundaberg region.

A one off payment of $500 for the Junior student and $750 for the Senior student will be paid to each of the successful candidates’ schools, to be held in trust for the student. These funds can then be accessed by the student to assist in the payment of:

  • school uniform
  • text book hire
  • curriculum based excursions
  • Student equipment (ie. Laptop, iPad)
  • identified booklist items
  • work experience fees
  • school related activities such as school sport, music, visual and performing arts workshops or camps


To apply for this bursary, students must currently be enrolled and attending a secondary school within the Gladstone and Bundaberg region.

How to apply

More information
Please contact our Indigenous Affairs Advisor, Lee-ann Dudley on 07 4976 1649 or via email.