Burnett Heads Foreshore Development

Master Plan for the Burnett Heads Riverfront and Boat Harbour Precincts

The Port of Bundaberg Land Use Plan, which was gazetted by the State Government in 2009 and supported by the local community through public consultation processes, provides for the development of Riverfront and Boat Harbour Mixed-Use Precincts for Burnett Heads.

The two areas, facing north-east onto the river and ocean, represent a unique opportunity to develop a world-class and environmentally in-tune residential and commercial development, providing much-needed employment and investment opportunities for the Bundaberg region.

Key features 

The Plan will see improved riverfront and marina access, new public and green space, and new shopping, business and residential opportunities, providing significant economic and lifestyle benefits for the region.

The Master Plan includes:

  • a public square
  • lagoon pool
  • multimodal pathways along the foreshore

Project timing

Initial construction is expected to begin in 2017.

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