Maintenance Dredging Bundaberg

Port of Bundaberg

The main navigational shipping infrastructure within the Port of Bundaberg typically requires annual maintenance dredging and occasional emergency dredging.

The purpose of the Long-Term Management and Monitoring Plan (LTMMP) for Maintenance Dredging and Disposal, Port of Bundaberg 2012–2022 is to address operational needs, environmental risks, monitoring and adaptive management actions specific to the Port of Bundaberg whilst ensuring the ongoing sustainability of maintenance dredging within the port.

While the Port of Bundaberg is not a Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area port, we are preparing to transition the current 10-year LTMMP to a Long-term Maintenance Dredging Management Plan (LMDMP) in general accordance with the Maintenance Dredging Strategy framework upon its expiry in 2022.


A range of studies relevant to maintenance dredging informed the preparation of our LMDMP and the development of its associated management documents. The LTMMP commits to the availability of a range of these documents. These include the outcomes of programs in the long-term maintenance dredging monitoring schedule. This information will be updated and revised periodically considering recent investigations in response to changes in risk, or as a result of the completion of monitoring as per the long-term maintenance dredging schedule.

The PoB Sustainable Sediment Management (SSM) project will provide a better understanding of sediment dynamics, characteristics and sedimentation rates that can be used to forecast dredging requirements, analyse avoid, reduce and reuse options and provide justification for proposed and/or selected sediment management solutions into the future. The project aims to minimise environmental impacts and ensure the sustainability of maintenance dredging activities at the Port of Bundaberg.

Latest monitoring reports

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Technical Advisory and Consultative Committee

The Technical Advisory and Consultative Committee (TACC) provides for a forum to understand our maintenance dredging activities and to assist GPC and regulatory agencies in accessing local knowledge and reconciling stakeholder interests.