Business enquiries

Our unique multi-port footprint is core to our strategic advantage. Each port has a speciality focus which allows us the opportunity to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. 

In Gladstone, our proximity to the Gladstone State Development Area (GSDA) means we can cater to larger scale projects. 

The GSDA provides many benefits to business including: 

  • access to the port 
  • proximity to rail 
  • extensive road network 
  • dedicated multi-user infrastructure corridors.  

In Bundaberg, the Wide Bay Burnett region has advantages of being rich in high-quality mineral deposits. Situated 19 kilometres downstream from the City of Bundaberg, and approximately five kilometres from the mouth of the Burnett River, the port is a wealth of opportunity with State Development Land and key infrastructure projects such as road and drainage upgrades finalised in 2020. The port is connected to the Wide Bay natural gas pipeline.  

The Port of Rockhampton is uniquely positioned to capitalise on future-growth opportunities across the country’s mining, construction, and defence sectors. Its remote location, robust marine infrastructure, and isolated staging areas facilitates the safe transport and handling of hazardous goods. 

We will continue to diversify trade, seeking opportunities across our four precincts, working closely with representatives from existing and emerging industries.  

You can contact our Trade & Development Team here. We look forward to exploring your port-related business, development project or land requirement with you in greater detail.    

If you currently have business with us and would like to take the opportunity to modify any aspect of your current arrangement, please contact the Trade & Development Team.

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