Containerised freight

Welcome to the future of containerised freight from
Central Queensland

Home to a naturally deep-water and world-class harbour, the Port of Gladstone is one of Queensland’s priority ports.

Ship your product from the Port of Gladstone and open up a world of opportunities in international import and export trade.

Gain a competitive advantage for your containerised freight logistics

Our Container freight partnership with ANL

We have partnered with global shipping line ANL to offer containerised freight services.

ANL is the lead carrier for the CMA CGM Group in Oceania – the largest container shipping line servicing Australia, and the third largest in the world.

  1.   An 11-day transit from Gladstone to Port Klang & 12-day transit from Gladstone to Singapore
  2.   Your cargo can then be shipped anywhere in the world through the CMA CGM group’s global   network via Access to a Tier One shipping line.
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Ship to South-East Asia, China, Hong Kong, the Indian Subcontinent, MEG, Europe and United States

We also provide:
  • two stevedore operating services and storage facilities both with mobile harbour cranes
  • access to the Auckland Point 4 Berth (300m berth length)
  • access to laydown yards adjacent to stevedore berth facilities
  • Gladstone Port Access Road and rail connections
Containerised freight in Central Queensland

We are proud to support regional trade in Central Queensland – providing industries like our fast-growing agricultural sector with container services that can connect their produce with markets around the world.

As a Government-owned asset, the Port of Gladstone is dedicated to supporting regional economies and communities, creating trade opportunities with global markets, fostering supply chain resilience and facilitating positive economic returns for the people of Queensland.

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For new trade enquiries visit Shipping enquiries – Gladstone Ports Corporation (

Central Queensland business can register interest about importing and exporting containerised freight through Gladstone here.

GPC Containerised Freight Initiative PDF
FACT SHEET – Wharf Specifications – Auckland Point Berth