Visitors and inductions

Who is deemed a visitor?

A visitor to GPC is deemed to be a person who is not performing any work on site and who is attending or traversing any GPC sites for the purpose of a meeting or tour only.

If you will be performing work on a GPC site, please progress to the Induction Page.

Visiting Kullaroo House

When visiting Kullaroo House you are required to check in through the Sine Visitor Management system. For assistance with using Sine please refer to the Sine Support portal on their website.

Visiting GPC offices and sites

When visiting a GPC site, present to the Security Hut or reception area at the location. You will undertake a short site induction, and the GPC representative responsible for your meeting/tour will present to the security hut or reception area to collect you.

Always keep your visitor card visible on your person and follow the instructions of your GPC escort.

When leaving site return your visitor card prior to exiting the facility/area.

Port of Gladstone visitor induction locations

  • RG Tanna Coal Terminal
  • Fisherman’s Landing Precinct
  • Gladstone Marina Office

Port of Bundaberg visitor induction locations

  • Port of Bundaberg Office

Port of Rockhampton visitor induction locations

  • Port Alma Shipping Terminal

What to bring

Always have photo identification available to present to the issuing security guard. If you are visiting any operational sites, please ensure you wear the correct PPE for your visit.

Online Induction

All non-GPC staff wishing to enter GPC facilities are required to complete their induction through Rapid Global. If your company is not registered in Rapid Global please contact your GPC Representative to commence the registration process. Companies must be registered prior to completing the induction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rapid Global system performs best in Google Chrome.

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged ID card

If your GPC ID Card is lost or stolen you must notify the GPC Security, Induction and MSIC Office immediately so that your card can be deactivated — phone 07 4976 1350 or 07 4976 1213 after hours.

Once this has occurred the GPC Representative will be required to re-authorise the inductees profile. GPC Induction Office will then print a new card and advise the company of the collection location.

Change of employer

Any person found to be using an ID Card that is not registered to their current employer may face access restrictions or suspension from operational sites.

Rapid Global is a live database and companies are responsible for deactivating inductees that no longer work for their company. GPC Induction Office is notified of these deactivations daily and inductees access is removed from their profile and their card deactivated.

Inductee profiles can be transferred between companies at any time by your GPC Representative or GPC Security, Induction & MSIC Office. Once this has occurred the GPC Representative will be required to re-authorise the profile under the new company. GPC Induction Office will then amend the inductees profile, re-activate or print a new card and advise the company of the status of the inductees card.

Collection of Induction Cards

GPC Induction Office are notified daily of authorised inductees and the card will be created or extended using the information on their profile.

Printed cards will be available for collection at either RG Tanna Coal Terminal or Auckland Point guard huts. GPC Induction Office will advise the inductees company when the card is available and the collection point.

Please note card turnaround time is typically within 2 business days. If the card is required prior to this the company will need to contact GPC Induction Office on 07 4976 1350 or via email.



More information

For information or assistance, please email or phone the GPC Induction Office on 07 4976 1350.