Life saving commitments

Life Saving Commitments  

GPC has eight Life Saving Commitments that support the expected behaviours required at work so we can return home safely for the moments that matter. GPC’s Life Saving Commitments aim to empower you to take personal responsibility for your safety. As well as our Life Saving Commitments, we encourage everyone to embrace four key safety behaviours as outlined below. 

Key safety behaviours: 

  1. Be a Risk Manager 
  2. Operate with Respect 
  3. PPE Compliance 
  4. Authority to Stop Unsafe Work 

What are our Life-Saving Commitments? 

Fit for Work  

I will attend work unimpeded by alcohol, drugs or fatigue. 

Energy Sources  

I will identify and manage all energy sources associated with my task. 

Road and Maritime Safety  

I will comply with road and maritime safety. 

Trained, Competent and Authorised  

I will only perform tasks that I am trained, competent and authorised to do so. 

Falls and Falling Objects  

I will implement correct fall protection and falling object controls prior to working at heights. 

Suspended Loads  

I will not access underneath suspended loads. 

Approval to Alter Safety Devices and Plant  

I will seek approval for modification, removal or bypass of safety devices and plant. 

Permits in Place  

I will ensure the required permits are in place prior to commencing work.