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Management Team​

Acting Chief Executive Officer - Craig Walker

Craig Walker, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Craig was appointed Acting CEO by the Board in January 2019.

CEO is responsible for the direction and control of GPC’s business and operational activities, providing leadership to ensure short and long-term objectives and sustainable outcomes are achieved.

A key focus for 2018/19 is to ensure GPC is well positioned to facilitate future growth, by investigating new opportunities, maximising and optimising existing assets and ensuring GPC’s three port precincts perform efficiently and effectively.

The CEO, together with the Executive Management Team also remains committed to advancing safety and leadership initiatives, while fostering positive relationships with employees, stakeholders and the community.​ 



Commercial General Manager - Jason Cooney

Jason Cooneyr, Commercial General Manager at Gladstone Ports CorporationJason commenced in the role as Commercial General Manager in October 2018. Jason will focus on ensuring GPC continues to be a catalyst for trade and development within Queensland, while delivering direct contributions to its shareholders and ensuring a strong cashflow to fund future growth.

During 2018/19, his portfolio will also lead long-term commercial strategic planning for the Corporation, as well as the advancement of business processes and support services, with particular focus on further development of a robust and agile IT framework.






Acting Asset Management and Project Services General Manager - Benjamin Hayden

Benjamin Hayden, Acting Asset Management and Project Services General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Benjamin was appointed as Acting Asset Mangement Project Services General Manager in May 2019. His substantive role is as Operations General Manager, which he commenced in March 2018. Prior to joining GPC, Benjamin spent more than 20 years in the power generation sector, and has worked at most of Queensland’s public and private coal fired power stations, more recently in engineering, maintenance and asset management leadership roles.

Benjamin is responsible for reliability and maintenance, technical services, port infrastructure and civil works.

The 2018/19 year will focus on maintaining a high level of maintenance and engineering services, while building and enhancing systems and capabilities across GPC's port precincts in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.



Acting Operations General Manager - Gerard Melrose

Ged Melrose, Acting Operations General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Gerard was appointed as Acting Operations General Manager in May 2019. His substantive role is as Logistics Manager, which he commenced in March 2016. Gerard ​has worked for GPC for more than 10 years across a number of areas including business development, risk, insurance, and human resources.

Ged is responsible for the bulk cargo handling operations at RGTCT, Barney Point Terminal and Auckland Point Terminal.

Ged is also committed to supporting GPC’s stakeholders and customers by ensuring the port’s supply chain continues to be efficient, effective and running at optimal capacity. He will also focus on strategies to increase trade through Barney Point Terminal and on reducing hazards and operational risks within the terminal operations.

Port Strategy and Development General Manager - Craig Walker

Craig Walker, Port Strategy and Development General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Craig Walker was appointed Port Strategy and Development General Manager in October 2017. Craig has more than 20 years of senior executive experience in the ports, rail, manufacturing, resources, infrastructure and community sectors, specialising in strategic environments.

Craig is responsible for the Port of Gladstone Shipping Services, Port of Bundaberg, Port of Rockhampton, business development, port security, environment and the Gladstone Marine Pilot Service.

Craig’s focus for 2018/19 is to embed strategic and multi-generational thinking within GPC to ensure the capacity and capability of the three port precincts, through the identification of growth pathways, medium and long-term planning and the implementation of progressive thinking, processes and systems.


People, Community and Sustainability General Manager - Rowen Winsor

Rowen Winsor, People Community and Sustainability General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Rowen is GPC’s People, Community and Sustainability General Manager and has been a key member of the executive team since October 2015. Rowen has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior executive across a range of industries including the mining, energy, rail, aviation and tourism sectors.

Rowen is responsible for health, safety, employees relations, learning and development, corporate and community relations, parks and recreation, Indigenous affairs and Gladstone Marina. Rowen is also Chair of the GPC and PCCC ILUA Implementation Committee and GPC’s industry representative on the Board for GAPDL .

Rowen is committed to ensuring GPC develops people, social and environmental capability in a sustainable way. Rowen’s major focus areas in 2018/19, are safety, culture, leadership and sustainability and ensuring the importance of these strategies are embedded across the organisation. Delivering East Shores 1B, protecting culturally significant assets and developing leaders are among her other priorities for the year.