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Management Team​

Chief Executive Officer - Peter O'Sullivan

Peter O Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer at Gladstone Ports Corporation

​Peter was appointed by the Board in July 2016.

Peter is an entrenched member of the Gladstone community and brings over
30 years of experience to the role; 14 of those years were spent working for or with GPC.

Peter has extensive operational, project and senior management experience, most recently as Project Leader for the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project and then as Project Director for Building Queensland.

Peter directs and controls GPC's business and operational activities, providing leadership by enhancing and developing plans and strategies to ensure short and long term objectives are achieved.

The key focus right now for GPC is a continued emphasis on safety in the workplace as well as focusing on the need to optimise the capacity of our shipping channels. Other key issues are to provide and maintain cost effective port infrastructure, while also looking to attract new trade opportunities and diversify the three Ports' activities. 

Commercial General Manager - Mike Galt

Mike Galt, Commercial General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Mike is principal financial adviser to the CEO and Board, and is responsible for managing commercial strategy, commercial agreements with customers, governance and corporate risk management functions. His department also manages the port property portfolio, information systems, procurement, marina, and the new business functions of the ports of Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Gladstone. Mike has over 30 years' experience in the commercial realm of heavy industry encompassing sugar, manufacturing,mining and ports. 

Key focus areas for 2016–17 will be researching new trade opportunities for seaborne cargo to / from Central Queensland and continuing to improve GPC's financial outcomes while maintaining competitive pricing regimens for shipping and improving the efficiency of GPC's commercial service functions.

Mike was appointed Acting CEO by the Board from January to June 2016 whilst the recruitment process for a new CEO was undertaken.

Port Planning and Development General Manager - Gary Carter

Gary Carter, Port Planning and Development General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Gary was appointed Port Planning and Development General Manager in December 2012. He has an engineering background and more than 35 years at GPC. During that time he has been involved with GPC's major growth.

Gary is responsible for the ports' future planning, and ensuring that while development continues to occur, the community and environment are considered. The efficient use of port infrastructure is a major focus, and his department plays a key role in the delivery and maintenance of this infrastructure to ensure the existing operations are sustainable. 

The introduction of the Sustainable Ports Development Act 2015 saw much work done on the development of the Master Plan for the Priority Port of Gladstone and the approval process for the duplication of the shipping channels in the Outer Harbour. These activities remain a priority for Gary in the forthcoming year with additional focus on the Clinton Vessel Interaction Study.

Cargo Handling Operations General Manager - Allan Brown

Allan Brown, Cargo Handling Operations General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

Allan was appointed as Cargo Handling Operations General Manager in February 2012. He has been with GPC for over seven years and has over  30 years' experience in management and technical roles within the mining, refining and materials processing industries.

Allan is responsible for managing all cargo handling activities and associated infrastructure. In 2015–16, Allan's team completed a number of milestone projects with the introduction of leading edge technology on key assets and the commissioning of a system upgrade leading to significant improvements in environmental performance. 

In 2016–17, the team will continue to focus on safety and environmental improvements. With coal demand not expected to increase in the year ahead, the team will also increase their focus on improving the operations efficiency.

Safety, Environment and Risk General Manager - John Sherriff

John Sherriff, Safety, Environment and Risk General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

John was appointed Safety, Environment and Risk General Manager in August 2012. He has been with GPC for eight years and has over 30 years' management experience in regulatory and compliance fields. John leads GPCs health and safety, environment, and security teams; and the operational risk management, sustainability and environmental offsets portfolios. John is also GPC's representative on the GHHP management committee.

In 2015–16 John's team continued improvements to GPC's safety systems, improved environmental compliance performance; actively participated in the development of Queensland Government initiatives related to the Reef 2050 Long-term Sustainability Plan; and prepared the port's security plans for the growth in LNG trade and the arrival of the first cruise ships; and progressed GPC's sustainability, risk management and business resilience efforts. 

In 2016–17, seeking to improve our safety outcomes John's team will implement our new "Switch On" values-based safety program; they will also focus on environmental performance that meets community and Government expectations, especially in relation to the Port's operations in the GBRWHA; and GPC's sustainability, risk management and   business resilience efforts.

People and Community General Manager - Rowen Winsor

Rowen Winsor, People and Community General Manager at Gladstone Ports Corporation

​Rowen joined GPC in October 2015. She brings over 20 years' experience in senior leadership positions in the areas of employee relations, organisational development and community engagement in a broad range of industries  such as mining, manufacturing, tourism and finance. Rowen is responsible for our employee and community focused strategies and services.

In 2015–16, Rowen's team worked to provide greater visibility of 'Our People' metrics to inform and guide key strategies for Employee Relations, Learning and Development, Community Relations and Parks and Recreation. Rowen is the Chairperson for the ILUA Implementation Committee and set the vision for ongoing Indigenous and Employment engagement in line with GPC's recently launched Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan. She also actively engaged with the Community in the areas of Botanic to Bridge Fundrun, the HMAS Gladstone, NAIDOC Elders luncheon, and Gladstone Port Curtis Rotary Club.

In 2016–17, the focus will be negotiating GPC's next Enterprise Agreement and working with our community so we continue to appropriately support them as beneficiaries of our growth.