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    Welcome to

    Gladstone Ports Corporation

    Committed to the sustainable economic growth and social prosperity of our region.

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    Gladstone Ports Corporation

    Sustainable futures

    We are committed to operating with care and respect for our environment, our people and our community.

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    Gladstone Ports Corporation

    Navigate your future

    Explore your opportunities in a time of significant growth for the Queensland region at one of the largest export ports in Australia.

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    Gladstone Ports Corporation

    ​Supporting our community

    We have been a part of this community for over 100 years and will be for many years to come. We take pride in our community and work to continually enhance the regions in which we operate.

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Latest News


East Shores concepts revealed

GPC has unveiled its vision for the East Shores Stage 1B foreshore redevelopment.


GPC Spreads Christmas Cheer

GPC is continuing its Christmas tradition of supporting families in need by donating to local charity, Anglicare Central Queensland.


Sampling planned for future projects

GPC has engaged geotechnical sampling equipment to conduct investigations in Gladstone Harbour from December 5.


Improving accessibility at East Shores

GPC has improved accessibility with the installation of a custom change table.


​​Prize-wining Poets hit the Big 6 Discovery Trail

Boyne Island State School students enjoyed a guided tour of GPC's new Discovery Trail.