Auckland Hill Stage 1 Officially Opens

December 14, 2023

IT’S OFFICIAL, the port city has a multi-million dollar attraction to add to its portfolio with Stage 1 of the Auckland Hill Redevelopment now open to the public.

Complete with a modern viewing outlook, Stage 1 was officially completed in December just in time for Christmas and includes three viewing platforms as well as four electric barbeques and three water bubblers.

The public will be able to access the new area via the stairway from Gladstone Ports Corporation’s (GPC) award-winning East Shores until construction ends and the road is re-opened when Stage 2 is completed.

It’s all part of the redevelopment of Gladstone’s iconic Auckland Hill with Stage 2 on track for completion in mid-2024.

The project received $5 million in funding from the Australian Government under the Regional Recovery Partnerships program and a further $5 million funding contribution from GPC, provided on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Quotes attributable to Assistant Minister for Regional Development Anthony Chisholm:

“We’re proud to collaborate with the GPC and the State and Local governments to redevelop this iconic Gladstone tourist attraction, reinforcing our commitment to supporting the region’s tourism industry.”

“The new precinct improves the visitor experience at Auckland Hill while also improving the accessibility to ensure more people can enjoy the beautiful lookout.”

“I’m proud to be part of a government making region-shaping projects like this a reality, and I look forward to heading up Auckland Hill myself to take in the excellent views that this city has to offer.”

GPC’s CEO Craig Haymes said Stage 1 will further improve community facilities in Gladstone whilst boosting tourism.

“The funding for the redeveloped outlook will not only create a popular tourism location to attract more visitors to the region but will instil pride in our community with the high quality social infrastructure we have to offer,” Mr Haymes said.

“I’m proud to be here today, cutting the ribbon on such an iconic redevelopment which will pave the way for future opportunities in our region and add to GPC’s astounding legacy as more than just a Port,” he said.

Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Cameron Dick said the opening of Stage 1 represented a significant positive economic opportunity for Gladstone in terms of tourism, liveability, social enterprise, and port interface and job creation.

“When Queensland’s regions thrive, our economy thrives too,” Treasurer Dick said.

“That’s why the Queensland Government on behalf of GPC has contributed $5 million towards bringing this project to life including stage 1,” he said.

“We’re excited to see businesses benefit and tourism boosted from the Auckland Hill Redevelopment Project.

“The view from Auckland Hill is important as it plays a pivotal role for the community by helping them better understand the Gladstone Port and how inter-connected they are to one of Australia’s most significant assets.”

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher MP said everyone will benefit from the re-development of Auckland Hill.

“I am thrilled to see my advocacy efforts come to fruition and to witness the transformation of Auckland Hill into a vibrant and bustling hub for both locals and tourists alike,” Minister Butcher said.

“This project will not only improve the overall quality of life for the community but also promote the unique beauty and attractions of the Gladstone harbour,” he said.

“Furthermore, this project will create employment opportunities for the local community and have a positive impact on the Gladstone economy. Additionally, with the increased foot traffic to Auckland Hill, local businesses can benefit from the added customers and visitors.”

“First it was East Shores and now we’re onto Auckland Hill. Together, we are working towards creating a thriving community that showcases the best of what Gladstone has to offer.”

This project aligns with the priorities of the Australian and Queensland Governments by supporting economic recovery, growth and diversification and boosting tourism jobs in regional Queensland.