LNG Exports Hit a Record High

July 7, 2021

AN END of year snapshot at Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) reveals record-breaking LNG exports which GPC says is thanks to its strong relationships with customers and successful maritime operations.

Recording a 3.72 percent increase on LNG exports, Chief Operating Officer Craig Walker said it’s important to acknowledge the dedicated professionals who work around-the-clock and help drive the State’s economy.

In the 2020/21 financial year, more than 23 million tonnes (Mt) of the super-chilled fuel has been exported from the three Gladstone LNG terminals on Curtis Island which is home to GLNG, APLNG and QCLNG.

“These companies have also managed through a very challenging year and their staff and customers must be acknowledged” Mr Walker said.

“We’re extremely proud of our results however it is thanks to our dedicated GPC employees who are the backbone of our business, as well as our strong relationships with customers who work safely, efficiently and sustainably to facilitate trade in each of our ports,” he said.

“Shipping and ports hold the world economy together. They connect countries, markets, businesses and people, on a scale not otherwise possible.”

Mr Walker said the LNG record was also a result of successful maritime functions.

During the financial year, GPC’s internationally accredited pilotage service completed 4,678 pilotage shipping movements. The Port of Gladstone also recorded more than 9100 towage movements.

“Our Manager for Trade Strategy and Port Operations, Line Corfixen oversees our pilots, licenced towage operation and our port centres and is an example, not only of GPC’s diversified focus but of professional women making a difference,”

“Line is an active voice and supporter of careers in the maritime industry and the diversity of options available to our next generation of job seekers.”

GPC facilitated 350 LNG vessel movements, ported 1909 ships and exported and imported 123 Mt through its three ports in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg to the end of June 2021.