Development approvals

Applying for approvals 

All development and works on strategic port land (excluding some minor works) and in port waters require a development approval to be obtained from GPC.

GPC is responsible for managing development on strategic port land and is the Assessment manager for development undertaken wholly on strategic port land under the Planning Act 2016 and associated Planning Regulation 2017 

The Planning Act 2016 is the primary planning and development assessment legislation in Queensland and affords ports jurisdictional powers and responsibilities to manage assessable development on strategic port land and strategic port land tidal areas.   

Some development will trigger GPC as a referral agency and other development may also trigger the need for approval under other state or commonwealth legislation, such as the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Pre-lodgement Meeting 

Prior to making a development application, a pre-lodgement meeting can be held with GPC’s Planning team, and/or written pre-lodgement advice obtained from GPC, or any relevant referral agency.  

For pre-lodgement meetings and development application submission information, you can contact our Planning team via email.

DA Fees  

As of 24th April 2023, GPC will charge fees for the assessment and processing of development applications. 

The fees are listed within the DA Fees Schedule for each type of application. There is an application form for use that will allow an invoice to be generated. 

The fees are to be paid upon lodgement of the application material with GPC’s Planning team. 

Landowner’s consent 

Written landowner’s consent from GPC’s Property team must be obtained prior to making an application for any planning or development approval that relates to land owned or leased by GPC. You can contact our Property team via email. 

Development application requirements 

Development application requirements are described in detail in the relevant Land Use Plan and at a minimum must include:

  1. Being made in the approved format utilising the Development Assessment forms. Applications must be accompanied by the assessments, reports and plans required under the approved forms.
  2. Applications for Material Change of Use and Tidal Works are accompanied by written land owners consent for making the application. 
  3. Include a cover letter and Planning report that will address and should compliance with the benchmarks required under the Planning Regulation 2017 including relevant port Land Use Plan and Port overlay:

    GPC Land Use Plan 2012v2  
    View the port overlay for the priority Port of Gladstone 2020 
    Port of Bundaberg Land Use Plan 2009 

  4. Plans of development with sufficient detail for the type of development being applied for. 
  5. Proponents are to provide sufficient information to demonstrate compliance with relevant codes including GPC’s Development Code 2012.

For any questions or clarification of requirements relevant to your development, contact our Planning team via email.  

Development Application Process 

 GPC follows that same process as other regulators of development, using the Development Assessment Rules for Queensland’s planning system. Below is a summarised version of this process. 

For detailed process options, refer to Development Assessment Rules. 

Development decisions 

View our approval documents register for application outcomes.   

Outcomes of assessment management decisions are available below. All other relevant documentation can be viewed upon request.