Electric vehicle pilot launch sparks transition to long-term prosperity

December 6, 2022

ELECTRIC vehicles have joined Gladstone Port Corporation’s (GPC) vehicle fleet as part of a move to help reduce emissions and vehicle operation costs, while responding to climate change.

Beginning as a pilot project, three electric vehicles will be used for travel between GPC’s port operations and office sites.

GPC CEO Mr Haymes said the pilot program was another step in the right direction towards a more sustainable operation as GPC worked to reduce its carbon emissions, while supporting the Queensland Government’s acceleration towards a target of zero net emissions by 2050.

“GPC is doing its part to adopt new technology and renewable energy sources that support our ability to operate more sustainably,” Mr Haymes said.

“Though this is a pilot program, over time we will build an in-depth understanding about how electric vehicles could play a part in reducing GPC’s overall emission’s profile and how we can incorporate them into our broader fleet program,” he said.

Two Kia Niros and one Renault Kangoo van will operate from GPC’s Yarroon Street office site.

With the transport sector being one of the fastest growing sources of emissions in Australia, GPC’s Executive General Manager for Safety and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Richard Haward said it was vital that industry played its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, when the opportunity arose.

“A typical electric vehicle, charged using the average Australian electricity grid mix, generates about 40 per cent fewer emissions of carbon dioxide, per kilometre, compared with the emissions from an equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle,” Mr Haward said.

Running costs will be kept to a minimum, with the vehicle charging stations supplemented by the organisation’s existing 20kW rooftop solar system at the Yarroon Street office.

“Charging the cars with a renewable resource helps to lower emissions even further, helping offset emissions from the grid,” Mr Haward said.

With the Gladstone region on the verge of unprecedented opportunity to capture growing market demand for renewable energies, Mr Haward said the pilot program was part of GPC’s commitment to working towards a sustainable future through the organisation’s Sustainability Strategy.