Big 6 Habitats

The hidden homes and restaurants of Gladstone’s Big 6!

Gladstone is a place of great biodiversity where dozens of different ecosystems interact to provide habitat — food, water or shelter — for hundreds of different plants and animals, humans included!

These habitats can be broken up into four different categories: terrestrial, freshwater, marine and estuarine.

  • Terrestrial habitats are found on land and include places like forests, grasslands, deserts, shorelines and wetlands.

  • Freshwater habitats include places like bogs, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams,

  • Marine habitats include coral reefs and seagrass meadows found in the ocean.

  • Estuarine habitats are where freshwater and marine habitats meet and the fresh water from rivers and streams mixes with the salty water of the ocean.

Next time you’re travelling around Gladstone stop and think about the type of habitat you’re in and how it works with the other ecosystems of the city!