MSIC responsibilities

As an MSIC holder you have obligations that are required to be fulfilled under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003, which are outlined below.

Notifications to your Issuing Body

You must notify the GPC MSIC Security Office immediately if:

  • you have a change of address or contact details
  • you have a change of identity
  • your MSIC has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged (notify within 7 days, you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration to this effect and supply the Police Report Number if stolen)
  • you no longer have an operational need
  • you are convicted of a disqualifying Maritime Security Regulatory Offence (MSRO) or convicted of any other MSRO and sentenced to imprisonment while you hold an MSIC.


If you commit a maritime relevant security offence while you are the holder of an MSIC, you must declare this to AusCheck within seven days. You can do so by completing the AusCheck self-reporting form.

Updating your details

If you change any of your personal details, you must notify your Issuing Body. If you change your name you will need to apply for a new MSIC in your new name or submit a change of details form.

Escorting persons without an MSIC

If you are responsible for escorting a person into a Maritime Security Zone and fail to continuously monitor that person you are committing an offence under the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations 2003.

This offence is worth five penalty units. As of July 2017, one penalty unit is worth $210.

Proper display of your MSIC

When you enter a Maritime Security Zone you are required to properly display your MSIC, this means your MSIC must be:

  • attached to your outer clothing at or above waist height
  • be visible at all times
  • be worn on the front or side of your body.